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Sunday, 3 June 2018

Where's my Mojo gone?

I had a lovely break albeit a short one, but downing tools meant I lost my Mojo and I'm finding it hard to  get back into the swing of things.

Take for example this creation - believe you me I've had several attempts, and the whole card has been a catalogue of failures but I'm posting it warts and all.  I smudged it, in not one but two places, put the cleaning cloth on top of my ahem - "masterpiece" - the stamped bit, and smudged it, then smudged the card base too so you can see me adding leaves to hide the smudges!  I'm not happy with the final result, but something is better than nothing!

I'm walking away, so am just posting it as it is.  The leaf  "flower" was made using the Stamparatus, and the veins on the leaves makes it look like a spirograph, don't you think?  I used the Rooted in Nature stamp set.

What do you think of the new catalogue?  Maybe that's my problem,  distracted by being able to place an order for what I really like and not the restricted choices we were given in our pre-order!

Back next week, hopefully finding my Mojo along the way.  Have a lovely weekend.

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