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Sunday, 9 September 2018

18th Birthday!

Happy Sunday!

Phew!  August was such a busy month for birthdays, and scheduling this post for September means it's safe to share now.  

I made this for my eldest grandson's 18th birthday.  It makes me feel OLD!

I've mixed old with new.  Have I mentioned before that I'm a hoarder?  Balloon Adventures has retired, but the sentiments from that set fitted the bill and I've used Birthday Backgrounds to adorn his card.    

The card had to be longer than the standard size so I could fit the word "EIGHTEEN", but even then I had to cheat, and squeezed the extra "E" by adhering it over the top of the other letters to make them fit!

I've been making "eclipse" cards for yonks.  Stamp the card front first, then die cut your letters out of it and set the stamped letters aside.  Die cut extra letters in plain card stock to however high you want your letters to be, whether a double, triple or quadruple stack and glue each letter together.   Adhere the  corresponding stamped letter you die cut at the very top to create the "eclipse" look.

Of course being a larger than normal card, I had to make a bespoke envelop but forgot to take a photo.

Thanks for visiting!

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