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Sunday, 28 October 2018

Halloween Round Up!

You know Halloween is approaching when the clock goes back and we get an extra hour in bed!  Yay!

Do you celebrate Halloween?  I know here in the UK, not everyone is a fan.  I always look forward to seeing what costumes my grandsons wear each year.  They live some distance away so we've never been able to share in their excitement.

This year's haul of Halloween projects - if you follow me, you would've already seen some of the projects I did in my Halloween Countdown series.  I made a few more Halloween projects, like a giant sized sour cream container that used up a whole 12" x 12" sheet but didn't film or publish them.  Can you spot my giant sour cream container?  It's the one with the colourful witch hats Designer Series Paper in the back row.  

I don't know why I didn't think of sending my  younger grandsons a Halloween parcel sooner.  Our neighbourhood kids have grown up, and less and less of them call round, so we end up with a whole bunch of stuff which we end up eating - who in their right mind would throw sweeties away?  Worst still, we're ridden with guilt afterwards, because if you're watching your weight, over indulging in sweeties is a NO, NO!!

Last year, a rather delayed light bulb moment (several years in fact), it dawned on me, why not put all the projects I make in a box and send it to them.   So this was the beginning of a new tradition, and now we're into our second year running and I'm loving it! The parcel went yesterday and I think it's safe to post a picture on here as my grandsons aren't aware I have a blog, but they do look at my instagram account from time to time.  They're so tech savvy these days!  I feel like a dinosaur often times!

Happy Sunday!  If you're in the UK - enjoy your lie in!


  1. Great Halloween projects, Elaine. I bet your grandsons love this new tradition you've started, what a great Halloween treat to receive! Px

    1. Thanks Petra. Making the most of it before they’re past it too!

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