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Sunday, 13 January 2019

Wonderful Romance - silver lining on a sad day!

Feeling sad today as I fell victim to a scam yesterday when home alone!  I am normally so cautious but I still got caught through malware infecting  my laptop.  Long story short I panicked I was told to ring a toll free number while they tried to rescue me saying all my devices would also be infected. Foolishly I allowed remote access to the scammers to remove the virus purported to have infected my laptop.  Of course that led to having to pay for their services  ....say no more!

In the meantime we’ve cancelled said cc and will have to ring our bank on Monday.  I’ve quarantined laptop and need to take it into Apple to wipe clean and make sure all online accounts have two-step authentication. 

I am beyond devastated by my own foolish mistake so am sharing this so you don’t fall into the same trap.  Doing everything on the phone in tiny letters is trying!

My card for today is from Wonderful Romance  and in Mossy Meadow.  The leaf dies also cut and emboss.

That’s all for today - wish me luck that this can be sorted soon

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