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Friday, 18 January 2019

Sweetest Thing - Sweet Cup

I am not a graphic artist or a mathematician, so in order to create a template for covering the Sweet Cup, there is no alternative but to de-construct one.  I then lay it flat in order to trace the arc and scanned it.  I  extended the cup by 1/4 " to allow for an overlap.  There are no score lines.  You will find that if you cut along the traced line, there will be of an overhang at the bottom.  I prefer to then trim the excess off from the base of the cup afterwards for a neater finish.

Alternatively, you can cut inside the line, but cutting by hand isn't as precise as using a die cutting or  a trimmer, so I prefer to have too much paper than too little.

So that you don't have to cut up yours,  here's a template I created from the one I de-constructed.  I tested it on my printer and it was true to size - I hope it works on yours too, otherwise you'll have to cut up one of yours too.  Fingers crossed!

Sweet Cup Template

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