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Friday, 10 May 2019

Birthday Cheer Gift bag

Oh my word!  What fun it is to re-discover tools you've had for absolutely yonks but had forgotten about!  As is often the case, when it's new, blogs and social media are absolutely flooded with projects using this invaluable tool, and then it seems to die a "death" (in my household, anyway).  Now there's even more reason to get one before it retires for good if you haven't got one yet, or treasure the one you have even more fiercely now that it will no longer be available in the 2019-2020  annual catalogue.

I used to create all sorts with it trying to think outside the box, but nothing beats plain and simple!  The measurements for a Small, Medium, Large bag are already printed on the board with instructions on how to use it too, and even a diagram of how it should look like once you've punched and scored it!

The largest size requires a width of 12" (30.5 cm) and you determine what height you want it.  I simply cut my 12"x 12" card stock in half to make these dinky bags which were just about the right size (tad narrower) for the edgelits from the Birthday Cheer Bundle.

What took the time was paper piecing, and I did this off camera to save time.  I love how it turned out!  Enjoy the video!

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