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Sunday, 11 August 2019

Are you a Grandma, Nana, Nan, Gran, or Gan Gan?

Happy Sunday!  

When school breaks up, usually that's the time when grandchildren come to visit, but there are no Grandmas in our house, I am called by another name!  Whatever the tradition in your house, generations of grandparents have their grandparent status passed down through the ages according to their tradition or ethnicity.

I wondered about this stamp set because "grandma" didn't apply to me, but I loved some of the sentiments and decided it was worth the investment.  I can write, so I can substitute grandma for "Por Por" in my own hand or use an Alphabet stamp set to customise it.

My ethnic background is Chinese, be it fourth generation in Australia and far removed from China a country which I have yet to visit.  The Chinese have a rather complicated way of addressing their relatives.  They differentiate between the maternal and paternal grandparents, as they do nephews and nieces on either side, but I won't go into all that.  Suffice to say, I am my grandchildren's maternal grandmother, so I'm known as "Por Por"(pronounced Paw Paw).

I used "Make a Difference" to spell "Por Por" out.

Did you know that the long awaited new 3D embossing plate is now available?   It is a blue acrylic plate which makes up the difference in height of our new thinner 3D embossing folders.  To make your "sandwich" you need the basic Die Cutting machine platform, insert the card stock in the new type 3D embossing folder, the new blue 3D embossing plate and you're good to go.

I've used the new Brick & Mortar 3D embossing folder and it is gorgeous.   The "bricks" have a rough texture and incorporated at various heights, some are more prominent and others just give a hint of the brickwork.

This is the inside, but this trio of flowers could so easily be used for the front of the card too.  Switch to a different sentiment set, and you can use this stamp set for any occasion, not just for Grandmas!!!

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