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Friday, 27 September 2019

Christmas Countdown #Week 1 - Night Before Christmas

My 12 week Countdown to Christmas starts today!  My hubby's eyes roll and point skyward whenever the shops have their Christmas gear out, but I can fully appreciate that if anything, consumers need to spread the cost of Christmas and in the crafting world, so do we.

If you plan ahead, Christmas need not be a pressurized affair. The onus to make Christmas magical falls on home makers to do absolute everything from searching for just the right gift, sending cards or  meal preparation and stocking filling, so in my humble opinion, last week in September isn't too early to start!

We're kicking off with the Night Before Christmas Suite because it has the Night Before Christmas Memories & More Card Pack and also  a Night Before Christmas Memories & More Cards & Envelops pack - phew.....what a mouthful!  That being said, it is terrific value - £10. 25 for 54 double sided cards in an assortment of 3"x 4" size as well as some in 6" x 4" size and they are perfect for making quick and easy cards.

What took the time was creating the design - but once you've decided what to do, the rest is quick and easy!  Press "play" to see how I made one of them, and a peek at all the other ones I made to inspire you to make your own.

Here are some of the others I made and by looking at my stash, I could mix and match different stamp sets and embellishments.  On the whole, I try to stick to just the one, but sometimes it's nice to mix it up a little for some variety.

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